ZOLA JESUS shares new single “Into The Wild”

Nearing the release of her new album Arkhon, due out June 24th via Sacred Bones Records, today Zola Jesus shares the empowered and evocative “Into The Wild.” 

Following previous singles Lost“, Desire” and “The Fall”Nika Roza Danilova comments on the track:  “Into The Wild was written about the end of a relationship, and what seemed like the end of a former life. It was such an overwhelming, tumultuous time of my life; every step into the future felt like walking into the great unknown. My anxiety was at an all-time high, and getting through each day felt like a nearly impossible task. Songwriting was the only way to feel grounded in what I was experiencing. This song in particular became a beacon for me. I’m so grateful to have music as an outlet to help me navigate difficult periods, and hopefully those listening to this will also feel a deeper sense of stability through their own big changes.”

Following the announcement that this July she will embark on a US tour with The Cult and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club as well as an appearance at Summerfest in Milwaukee, today Danilova has announced her sole US headlining date in 2022, a show at the Lodge Room in Los Angeles on August 6th.

She has also announced news of “The Zola Jesus Diaries”, a three part residency airing on the Blast Radio app that will see Nika take listeners through her favorite songs past and present, discuss her influences and give an in-depth track-by-track of Arkhon. Nika says of the series: “I’m really excited to debut the Zola Jesus Diaries on Blast Radio and to be using their unique format; it calls back to pirate radio and the ephemeral experience of listening into a live broadcast. Each show will cover different aspects of my music and my new album Arkhon, I can’t wait to take listeners on this journey.”

Episode 1: 6/14/2022 @ 12:00PM ET / 5:00PM BST
Episode 2: 6/21/2022 @ 12:00PM ET / 5:00 BST
Episode 3: 6/28/2022 @ 12:00PM ET / 5:00PM BST

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