LEGO Star Wars – Death Star Trench Run Review

Pieces: 665

Ages: 18+

Mini Figures: 0

Price: $89.99

What’s inside

Multiple numbered bags of Lego bricks

Instruction booklet


Star Wars. Need we say any more?  Ok specifically the original movie’s climax scene.


The Trench Run set acts very much like that of a LEGO Architecture piece where you have a base plate that has a smooth rim that encapsulates the design on show.  This set comes with two plated areas to give the full 3D effect of the piece.

You start of course with the base plate, but are soon into the detail of the piece. There are not a huge number of bags to navigate through; so this is a piece you can do in an afternoon. Once the base plates are down and reinforced you start to work on the grey surface.  It doesn’t get tricky, but there are a multitude of small pieces to work with, but there are combination pieces that need to come together before they are placed on the board.

The second plate, once similarly assembled, is locked into position and you are then ready for the star ship additions. These are comparable to the size of ship you might get in a LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.

And then it’s done!

Finished product

Surprisingly good as a display piece.  Smaller pieces can sometimes look cute as a photograph, or on the box, but in real life they can just look a stilted, or rudimentary; but this one works very well. The effect of the ships in mid-flight really adds to the dimensions of the piece.

This set works largely because of Texture. The surface distracts from how lacking in detail the ships are, but they themselves are meant to look small, so the more out of focus they may appear the more effective the set.

See our visual building guide HERE.

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