NTIA responds to Lisa Nandy statement on opening nightclubs in every town across the UK

Michael Kill CEO NTIA says:

“Hospitality and the late night economy were one of the quickest industries to rebound during the financial crash many years ago, harbouring an abundance of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.” 

“It’s without a doubt that these businesses have a huge part to play in the regeneration of high streets in towns and cities across the UK.” 

“Beyond the generation of footfall through trade, the NTE forms a key part of people’s decision making process when choosing a University or College  as well as influencing investment choices for businesses relocating or expanding, to accommodate for a young workforce.” 

“Not forgetting the important part they play in people’s, physical, mental and social well being.” 

“The Government needs to recognise the economic, cultural,and community value of the night time economy sector. The key to this is the ability to expand trade, they must look at opportunities to deregulate, create easements within planning and licensing as well as streamlining cost and process to allow for efficient growth and investment.” 

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