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EdFringe welcomes back music & dance legend Movin’MelvinBrown

No one sings and dances like Movin’ Melvin Brown – One of the Black entertainers who helped defeat segregation in the USA

Living legend Movin’ Melvin Brown is bringing a Broadway version of his acclaimed show devoted to Black music from the 50s-present day to the Edinburgh Fringe.

It’s a rare opportunity to be entertained by a man who was at the heart of a musical, social and cultural transformation.

A widely respected veteran performer, Movin’ Melvin is still hoofing it at the age of 76. As a young man he was one of the astonishing generations of Black entertainers who helped defeat segregation through music, dance and song.

Movin’ Melvin Brown: A Man, A Magic, A Music! is a journey through Black Music history in song, tap-dance, comedy and storytelling and takes place at the Pleasance/EICC (Lomond Theatre), 5 to 27 August.

As he narrates the story of his life, baring all and pulling no punches, the opening anecdote tells of his first encounter with the “n” word. Melvin walks on, singing an unaccompanied spiritual, Change Gonna Come, and through the show presents music from Ray Charles, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, James Brown and many more, including Prince and Michael Jackson. He also performs characters such as the black preacher, the music box dancer and the male dancer.

After decades of touring and worldwide rave reviews, Melvin is ready to get the Fringe audiences shaking and grooving with his five-star musical which is packed with iconic tunes, great dance moves and amazing true stories from his life.

In this latest version of his musical Movin’ Melvin Brown, who was born in 1945 and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, shows how he earned his nickname: “Mr Entertainment”! The show is a fresh take of Melvin at his best – a Broadway version of the musical that got him five-star reviews on a previous appearance Edinburgh, as well as awards in Brighton, New York, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Wellington. Movin’ Melvin Brown – A Man, A Magic, A Music! is an evening you won’t want to forget.

The show unfolds Black Music history with true stories that prove that life is often funnier than fiction. In the early 70s Melvin was the vocalist and writer for the iconic, funky band Movin’ Soothin’ & Stone Funk Band which had a Soul hit on the charts (Send Me Some Love).  They intensively toured through Canada and the US, to make it to Alabama where their support act was Lionel Richie & The Commodores. Movin’ Melvin also shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Willie Nelson, James Brown, The Isley Brothers (who he went to school with), BB King, and many more.

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