Gaming soundtracks – These songs brought in the most cash!

In the world of video games, soundtracks have always played a big role. Fans can often recognize a game without even seeing it on the screen and well-known songs like the Zelda Theme Song have been sampled in numerous new versions, such as deadmau5’s ‘You need a ladder’.

With some of the songs in games being that iconic, they’ll inevitably be listened to on streaming platforms like Spotify. E-commerce retailer Ebuyer has curated a list of the most famous songs found in video games and calculated the earnings based on the number of streams.

RankGameArtistSongStreamsEstimated earnings
1MinecraftC418Sweden102,231,172$ 408,924.69
2DoomMick GordonRip & Tear63,644,520$ 254,578.08
3Call of Duty Black OpsTreyarch Sound, Brian Tuey, James McCawley, Kevin Sherwood11554.911.005$ 219,644.02
4The Last of UsGustavo Santaolalla, Alan UmsteadThe Choice41,851,879$ 167,407.52
5Grand Theft Auto VThe Chain Gang of 1974Sleepwalking39,088,659$ 156,354.64
6Assassin’s Creed 2Jesper KydEzio’s Family35,383,893$ 141,535.57
7Tony HawkSex PistolsAnarchy in the UK33,720,634$ 134,882.54
8The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimJeremy SouleDragonborn31,422,280$ 125,689.12
9God of WarBear McCrearyGod of War29,708,710$ 118,834.84
10SkyrimJeremy SouleSecunda25.526.507$ 102,106.03
11Halo: Combat EvolvedMartin O’Donnell, Michael SalvatoriHalo24,779,013$ 99,116.05
12The Witcher 3: Wild HuntMarcin PrzybylowiczGeralt of Rivia23,743,726$ 94,974.90
13Mass Effect 3Clint MansellLeaving Earth20,363,894$ 81,455.58
14Mass EffectJack WallVigil18,035,247$ 72,140.99
15Halo 3Martin O’Donnell, Michael SalvatoriNever Forget17,281,695$ 69,126.78
16Death Stranding: TimefallBring me the horizonLudens32,667,388 *$ 57,167.93
17BattlefieldJohan SüderqvistBattlefield One7,484,536$ 29,938.14
18TetrisHirokazu TanakaTetris Theme5,464,504$ 21,858.02
19Halo 2Breaking BenjaminBlow Me Away9,670,446 *$ 16,923.28
20The Legend of ZeldaKoji KondoZelda Theme Song9,140,648 *$ 15,996.13
21Super MarioKoji KondoSuper Mario Theme1,493,518$ 5,974.07

The highest-earning songs

Released in 2011, C418’s song ‘Sweden’ is featured in Minecraft and has accumulated a whopping 102,231,172 streams with estimated earnings of $ 408,924.69. The metal song ‘Rip & Tear’ by Mick Gordon, which players listen to in Doom conquers the second rank with estimated earnings of $ 254,578.08 – that’s nearly 50% less than the song Sweden! The first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Black Ops also provided us with a top hit, Treychard Sound’s ‘115’ was listened to 54,911,005 times and earned $ 219,644.02, landing the song on third spot.

Surprisingly low earners

Some of the most memorable theme songs from older games generate surprisingly few streams today.

The Zelda Theme song’s catchy melody is embedded into the memories of many people playing video games in the late 90s, but the song was only streamed 9,140,648 times on Spotify, leading to earnings of $ 15,996.13 and on the 20 th rank. And to close the ranking off Super Mario’s theme by Koji Kondo only has 1,493,518 streams – just a fraction of other songs on the list!

Courtney Williamson, Marketing Manager at Ebuyer comments: “Songs may be produced specifically for a game or are famous for featuring in a popular game, which then results in artists earning more – a win-win for everyone! Some themes are so memorable they can be easily recognized by a whole generation. “

To find out more about Ebuyer and the highest-earning gaming songs, please visit: https://www.ebuyer.com/blog/2022/06/the-highest-earning-gaming-songs/

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