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Counterparts Announce album release tour

Counterparts, have announced a European and UK album release tour for “A Eulogy For Those Still Here” starting next month, which replaces the postponed tour with The Amity Affliction.

The band will be supported by Justice For The Damn, Thrown (EU Only) and Cauldron (UK Only).

You can see the band at the following dates:
7th October – Netherlands Haarlem Patronaat – Tickets
8th October – Germany Göttingen Exil – Tickets
9th October – Germany Dresden Blauer Salon – Tickets
10th October – Poland Poznan Klub U Bazyla – Tickets
11th October – Germany München Backstage – Tickets
12th October – Austria Wien Flex Cafe – Tickets
13th October – Switzerland Baden Werkk – Tickets
14th October – Italy Vicenza Bocciodromo – Tickets
15th October – Germany Stuttgart Club Cann – Tickets
16th October – Germany Wiesbaden Kesselhaus – Tickets
17th October – Germany Trier Lucky’s Luke – Tickets
18th October – Germany Hamburg Headcrash – Tickets
19th October – Sweden Gothenburg Fängelset – Tickets
20th October – Norway Oslo Vaterland – Tickets
21st October – Sweden Stockholm Spinnrocken Södertälje – Tickets
22nd October – Denmark Copenhagen Vega – Tickets
23rd October – Germany Oberhausen Kulttempel – Tickets
24th October – Belgium Ghent De Chinastraat – Tickets
25th October – UK London Underworld – Tickets
26th October – UK Edinburgh The Mash House – Tickets
27th October – UK Leeds Key Club – Tickets
28th October – UK Southampton Joiners – Tickets
29th October – UK Cardiff Throwfest – Tickets
30th October – UK Sheffield Yellow Arch – Tickets

Tickets on sale Friday 2nd September at 9am GMT

Counterparts will be releasing their upcoming full-length album, A Eulogy For Those Still Here, on 7th October via Pure Noise Records. The record finds Counterparts tapping into a deep sense of dread that pushes their visceral sound to even greater extremes. It’s an album that revolves around uncertainty but results in the group’s most definitive statement to date.

Counterparts recently shared the album’s second single, Whispers of Your Death,” a towering blast of intricate riffs and crushing drums that wastes no time in introducing many of the harrowing themes of A Eulogy For Those Still Here. The track follows lead single “Unwavering Vow” (which garnered attention from the likes of Stereogum, Revolver, BrooklynVegan, Exclaim, and more), and continues to tease an even darker and more aggressive Counterparts than ever before. 

Preorder A Eulogy For Those Still Here:
Vocalist Brendan Murphy discussed the new song saying:
“I feel like anyone who has been following the band/me pre-pandemic knew this was coming, but this song is about my cat Kuma. My ex and I rescued him just under 2 years ago and he is hands down the sole reason I stuck around long enough to even make this record. Shortly after he was rescued, we developed a special bond and now I can’t imagine my life without him. Unfortunately in the first few months we had him, he became very sick and almost died due to complications of a blood parasite while being FIV positive. Nobody believed he would make it… but luckily he is still here with us and currently doing great. Being his dad is hands down the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life and also what I am most proud of. I love him more than anything in the world and this song is my tribute to him for quite literally giving me a reason to live. 07/26/2020.”
Since forming in 2007, Counterparts–made up of Murphy, guitarists Alex Re and Jesse Doreen, bassist Tyler Williams, and drummer Kyle Brownlee–have gone from underdogs to a globetrotting powerhouse in the world of aggressive music. Engineered/produced by Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Every Time I Die,, A Eulogy For Those Still Here finds Murphy at a crossroads, preoccupied with the inevitability of change and endings. “I think I deal with things by preparing myself for the end,” he explains. “With so much of this record I’m mourning the loss of someone that’s still alive or saying goodbye to something that hasn’t left yet.” The result is a high stakes record written as a true statement of intent–a mix of crushing heaviness and stark atmospherics that draws on everything Counterparts have been honing for the past 15 years. “All of these things I have are still a big part of my life but one day they won’t be, and I don’t want to be focusing on that instead of enjoying the time I have with them,” says Murphy. “Maybe I’m saying goodbye preemptively but I think it’s important to say goodbye while you can.” 

A Eulogy For Those Still Here track list:
1. 07/26/2020
2. Whispers of Your Death
3. Bound To The Burn
4. Unwavering Vow
5. A Eulogy For Those Still Here
6. Skin Beneath A Scar
7. Sworn To Silence
8. What Mirrors Might Reflect
9. Soil II
10. Flesh To Fill Your Wounds
11. A Mass Grave of Saints

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