Album Review

Cosmic Crooner – The Perks of Being A Hypocrite

The debut album from Amsterdam based musician Joep Meyer, a.k.a Cosmic Crooner, takes a little explanation. With a smooth pop voice that sounds much more American than Dutch, Mr CC certainly  lives up to his name, as he croons his way through a collection of smooth lounge-pop tracks. With a hint of psychedelia, a little doowop, a touch of the theatrical and some lovely guitar licks, he has created a style all of his own.

Deep Down In Jazz, a track already released, opens the album and is something of an introduction to the character of Cosmic Crooner, told in the third person. Surfing the musical universe he discovers his own style by combining the music he enjoys. It has a melancholy air, enlivened by some very good guitar work. This leads into new single Spoiler Alert, a critique of modern pop music with a definite sixties feel.

The remaining tracks have a variety of differing musical approaches, drawing from different influences. The romantic feel of Bolero features cinematic strings giving an orchestral backing to a lovely mellow song. Late Night Obsession has a sixties surf feel while Goosebumps On A Tuesday Night is a soulful love song. Girlfriend is straight from a film score, yet its vocal stylings give added soul.

The Perks Of Being A Hypocrite is such an unusual album that it is difficult to sum up. The music is smooth and passionate, with a sound that draws from a vast range of influences, from sixties crooners and doowop groups to seventies film scores. It has a vintage feel, yet also uses modern production techniques to good effect. It’s well worth checking out – and totally unlike anything you will have heard before.

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