Rebecca Lappa – Tales Of A Taurus

Rebecca Lappa is well known in Canada as a multi award winning folk singer-songwriter with six albums under her belt. But her new six track EP, Tales Of A Taurus, marks the start of a different musical direction with a much more pop orientated sound.

Your One opens the EP with a bold and uplifting pop track. Lappa’s voice is expressive and strong, soaring over a steady rhythm in a good love song with impressive harmonies. Blue Lips, a previously well-received single, sees icy metaphors employed to tell of unrequited love. Using imagery from the Canadian landscape as background, the longing is clear as Lappa’s fast paced vocals give emphasis to the simple chorus.

Forecast has a tenderness at its heart, as Lappa’s lyrics soar over reverb heavy guitars. The track has a jaunty air and uses weather imagery to describe a relationship. Lolita, inspired by the iconic Russian novel, builds steadily with a feeling of growing tension that’s never quite broken. There is a dark undercurrent that expresses the themes of love and obsession very well.

Witch’s Way sees Lappa return to a folk sound. This is a lovely song with finger picked guitar and a very different vocal style to the rest of the EP. The track uses quieter acoustic verses and a big chorus to give a very nice contrast. Brick By Brick closes the EP with a country-pop feel. The steady rhythm almost hides subtle touches of slide guitar but the vocals again soar effortlessly over the mix.

The six tracks on Tales Of A Taurus give a good indication of Rebecca Lappa’s songwriting prowess and her vocal dexterity. The newly discovered pop approach is probably more radio friendly and commercially appealing. But it will be interesting to see if she can entirely leave her folk roots behind.

Tonic Records/ Fontana. Released 5 May 2023

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