Outer Limit Lotus borrow from Nick Cave in new album Dazzling Darkness

A final teaser from the sophomore album ’Dazzling Darkness,’ Outer Limit Lotus brings out the darkest but also softest and possibly the most beautiful track from their cold, yet oddly comforting universe. ‘Waiting For You’ is the sound of resignation, and the comfort in the quiet song might just be there. There’s just nothing left. And what comes will come – or not. It’s a bold track from a very bold album, and it wraps up the lyrical part for the album the band is so eagerly looking forward to sharing with the world. The darkness the trio presents is recognisable to most of us, and it’s presented in an honest and unfiltered way – but it’s pure beauty.

Outer Limit Lotus formed in 2015 when three of the members from noise rock cult legends Haust went on a definite hiatus. Taking the darkness along with them, but expressing it in a completely different way. Changing from brutality to coldness, desperation and a musical curiosity that lead the band from intense deathrock to ice cold post-punk, which has now evolved into a new and unique expression. Bringing forth desperate ballads, soothing melodies and welcoming the darker sides with playfulness, beauty, daringness – as well as welcoming the masses in to participate.

The Norwegian band has kicked off the release of their new album ‘Dazzling Darkness’ with their singles ‘Again Like Yesterday,’ ‘Soft Hand’ and ‘The Beach.’ Their upcoming single, ‘Persona’ changes the pace of the album with its melancholic melody and eerie strings. The gothic and punk-rock sound of Outer Limit Lotus is heavily influenced by musicians like The Durutti Column, Christian Death, Bauhaus, The Cure, and Wipers.

The gothic sounds being met with new instruments of this song bring us into the alternative punk-rock world of ‘Dazzling Darkness.’ Outer Limit Lotus anticipates the upcoming single ‘Persona’: “This is the last song on the record with any words, and the words are on the lips of someone who has given up all hope, and is ready for the end or a new beginning.”

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