Anna Rose Makes A Call To Action On New Release “Pray To The Trees”

Over the years, fiercely dynamic singer, songwriter, and guitarist Anna Rose has wowed us with her expert musicianship. What truly stands out in Rose’s recent work, however, is her take-it-or-leave-it honesty and refreshing vulnerability.

With a slew of releases in 2023, Anna Rose – as People Magazine affirms – “prepares to make her stand.”

Rose’s newest single, “Pray To The Trees,” officially dropped on May 18, 2023.  This is the fourth release from Rose’s soon-to-be-released record, Last Girl of The Rodeo, which Kings of A&R has described as “her most incisive and personal release yet.”

“Pray To The Trees” is a moody anthem that showcases her crystalline vocals atop a beautifully haunting soundscape. The track pairs a Florence + the Machine-like mysticism with a contemporary call to action.

“It says the thing that no one wants to talk about,” Rose explains. “That we as people affect each other, what we bring into the room affects everyone else. Whatever the person listening to this song ascribes to it matters, but within it I am saying that this song is not meant to save you. It is important to save yourself.”

Pray To The Trees” follows the release of “Alameda,” Rose’s third single from Last Girl of The RodeoAtwood Magazine proclaimed “Alameda” an “impassioned power ballad that is heated, intense, unfiltered, and uncompromising. Prior to “Alameda,” Rose released her album’s first two singles – the unapologetic “Back on My Bullshit” and the emotionally engrossing “Whatever Gets You Through the Night.”

Rose has a way of digging through the depths of her soul, finding the unvarnished truth, and sharing it beautifully with her audience.

“As a whole, this record – Last Girl of The Rodeo – was the ultimate exercise in stripping away all the bullshit and simply telling the truth,” says Rose. “It’s an autobiographical concept record. It’s a record you make when you have nothing left to lose…or gain.”


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Raised in New York and Los Angeles, and now based in Nashville, Anna Rose is the daughter of legendary composer, Alan Menken. She has a distinct ability to transform cross-genre influences—which range from classic rock to alternative-indie, pop, and country—into concise contemporary tracks that showcase her refreshing vulnerability. Rose has been featured in Billboard, American Songwriter, Nylon, just to name a few. She recently performed at the 2023 30A Songwriters Festival and is confirmed to perform at the Mile of Music Festival this summer. Throughout her fruitful career, Rose has toured the United States headlining powerfully intimate shows and opening for an array of illustrious global acts. 2023 is shaping up to be yet another exciting year for the powerhouse performer.

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