Mormaid shares Lindstrøm remix and announces new EP

Mörmaid, aka Oslo producer / songwriter Live Sollid, a former jazz student with touchstones including Grimesfka Twigs and SOPHIE, recently released her debut EP Push Pull via Beat Palace Records.

Today, she announces a brand new collection of reworks, set to be released as a standalone remix EP on 13th June. To celebrate, she shares Lindstrøm’s remix of two standout cuts, “Punish!” and Mirror [listen HERE]. The hybrid remix “Mirror/Punish!” was featured as Nemone’s Near Future track earlier today on BBC 6 Music [listen back HERE].

“I love that he decided to mix elements from two songs, and he definitely made it his own. His playful synths are a great contrast to my dark vocals, and it’s got this wonderful tension going throughout the track. Lindstrøm is an incredibly talented musician and producer that I’ve been a fan of for a long time, so it’s an honour to have him as part of the remix EP.” – Mörmaid on “Mirror/Punish!”

“Live emailed me sometime in late 2022, asking me to do a remix of one of the tracks from her new EP. After listening to the songs, I couldn’t decide upon which track I wanted to remix, and we agreed that O’dd try combining the musical elements of both “Punish!” and “Mirror” into one single remix. I really like both of her original tracks, and had a lot of fun mixing Mörmaid’s vocals and instrumental parts into this new remix.” – Lindstrøm on “Mirror/Punish!”

Mörmaid is the second signing to DJ and Metronomy musician Anna Prior’s new Beat Palace label and the Push PullEP [listen HERE] was an introduction to a new sonic world: mutated glacial pop mixed with quickly shifting rhythms, freeform improvisation scuttle across expansive ambient plains, and throbbing sub bass underpin soaring vocal melodies.

Probing live electronics with sampling, field recordings and vocals processed to manipulate her sound is something that’s within Mörmaid’s both spirit and practice. Push Pull was a breathtaking first step for Mörmaid, who looks set to be a polymath artist in the rich lineage of the likes of BjörkArca or even her compatriot Jenny Hval. In funnelling her extensive musical background into the pop form, Live Sollid is creating music that looks into the future and exists in a space all of its own.

Push Pull – The Remixes tracklisting

1. We Love We Dive (Maud Remix)

2. The Longest Day (Bård Berg Remix)

3. Punish! (Sónia Trópicos Remix)

4. You to Me (Sea Change Remix)

5. Mirror/Punish! (Lindstrøm Remix)

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