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Newsham Scream Park tickets on sale now

InsanitoriumThe Orphanage and the strictly aged 18+ HELLuminati – will chill guests to their marrow.

Each nightmarish experience winds through the dark bowels of the building, filled with deepening dread and moments of sheer blood-curdling panic. 

Long since abandoned to the elements, Newsham Park Hospital is a mecca for ghost hunters and spectral thrill seekers, with many claiming to have seen spirits, heard whispers or felt the touch of something cold on their spine in the dead of night; and now houses the premiere scare maze in Liverpool. Are you ready to begin your Liverpool scare trial?

Newsham Scream Park tickets are on sale now! Three terrifying scare experiences – Insanitorium, The Orphanage and HELLuminati – await this Halloween in Liverpool.

Tickets and info: www.newshamscreampark.com

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