Introducing Re Teu

Introducing Re Teu (pronounced Ree-Too), a singer-songwriter from Nottingham/London. A remarkable multi-instrumentalist, with an effortless fusion of delicate and soul-stirring folk melodies and atmospheric, euphoric rock vibes. 

Today he shares debut single ‘Glas’ – grey in Scottish and in Cornish – meaning all the colours of the water: blue, green, pale grey. He creates a sonic tapestry that is simultaneously one-of-a-kind and warmly reminiscent from the very first note.

On the track, Re Teu says “The song is a poignant composition that delves into themes of denial, unacceptance, and the depths of internal pain. Serving as an introductory chapter to a captivating anthology of narratives centred around growth and profound learning, this song resonates with the raw emotions that accompany personal transformation.”

To celebrate the release, Re Reu will be headlining London’s The Old Blue Last on 25th July with tickets on-sale here.

Re Teu’s magnetic talent has drawn sold-out crowds to renowned venues like the Rescue Rooms and Rough Trade in Nottingham, while capturing the hearts of a captivated audience during a momentous debut at The Waiting Room in the capital. Sharing the stage with celebrated acts, Re Teu has left an indelible mark on prestigious festivals such as Splendour Festival, Dot To Dot Festival, Hockley Hustle, and Beat the Streets. Additionally, Re Teu has garnered well-deserved recognition through coveted support slots on tour alongside notable artists such as Another Sky and Adam French.

From the outset, Re Teu’s distinctive sound has garnered fervent support from esteemed figures such as Charlie Ashcroft of Amazing Radio, Dean Jackson of BBC Radio Nottingham, and acclaimed publications like Leftlion Magazine, Noctis Magazine, and When The Horn Blows, to name but a few. These early champions have recognized the unparalleled artistry and allure that Re Teu brings to the musical landscape.

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