Kiefer returns with visualiser for new single “Dreamer”

Kiefer is back with a new song, “Dreamer”. After several live band projects, the L.A. based artist has returned to his roots – playing keys and making beats. “Dreamer” arose from the optimism that Kiefer says is a pillar of his personality. He says: “I’m an optimist, an idealist, and someone who wishes for things that maybe cannot be.”

Since his debut LP Kickinit Alone, Kiefer Shackelford has become synonymous with a scene of artists whose music draws on and orbits around jazz without fitting neatly into a single genre. That scene includes some of Kiefer’s close collaborators Carrtoons and Theo Croker, while his signature piano playing and production have been sought after by stars from Drake to Anderson .Paak – with Kiefer winning a Grammy Award for his work with the latter.

“Dreamer” is the first taste from a new album, set for release later this year. While Kiefer’s last album When There’s Love Around was a live band record that paid tribute to his closest friends and family, “Dreamer” sees him turn his gaze inward. Still, “Dreamer” has the hallmarks of the style Kiefer has honed over the years: warm, weighty beats, spirited melody, and a breezy vibe to the masterly playing – as if the piano is a natural extension of Kiefer himself.

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