Rezz releases Goth-themed ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP

Today, Canadian bass music legend and HypnoVizion label head Rezz releases her anticipated goth-themed ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP. The 7-track rock-tinged EP arrives following previously released singles ‘Blue In The Face’, ‘Signal’, and ‘Embers, all of which appear on the release’.

An intimate body of work representative of Rezz’s past, present, and future, ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ is a roadmap through Rezz’s sonic influences. A sign that her goth roots are more than just a phase, her latest EP harnesses the alternative rock references of her youth and the modern electronic tendencies that have driven her catalog. Her most vocal-driven project to date, ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ features collaborations with Alice Glass, Silverstein, Johnny Goth, Grabbitz, MKLA, Raven Gray, and fnksyd, along with an appearance from Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson.

The EP opens with ‘Signal’, an edgy alt-rock anthem with Grabbitz that offers a window into the dark and dramatic sounds Rezz experiments with across the project. Spiraling through the moody guitar melodies of the MKLA-assisted ‘Haunted Eyes’ to the distorted basslines and supernatural vocals of ‘Blue In The Face’ with Shadient and fknsyd, ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ is an alluring blend of dynamic builds and midtempo drops, all through a rocktronic lens.

The EP continues to explore the different facets of rock music, leaning into the angsty balladry of ‘Embers’ with Raven Gray and the slow-burning eeriness of ‘Blurry Eyes’ with Johnny Goth. Enlisting Canadian rock band Silverstein and Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson, ‘Dreamstate’ swirls with the gritty tones and tormented lyricism reminiscent of Rezz’s 2000s emo influences. The EP closes with ‘Not Enough’, a daring cut featuring former Crystal Castles frontwoman Alice Glass that pushes the boundaries of Rezz’s genre-bending style.

Each track offering a glimpse into the nostalgic punk tones of Rezz’s teen years complemented by the bass-heavy elements of her signature sound, ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ captures the dichotomy of sonic influences that have defined her.

Regarding the EP, Rezz said, “With this goth EP, I’ve really encapsulated some of my early inspiration musically before I even got into dance music. I grew up listening to bands exclusively, and over time developed an understanding of what it was about those songs that I loved. Lots of use of guitar, eerie melodies and distorted basses – this is a blend between sounds I’m known for while also expanding on my range with using new vocal styles and instruments.”

Rebellious in sound and style, it’s Rezz’s adversity to conformity that has translated so fluidly from her love of rock music to her reputation in the dance music space. ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ embodies her ability to combine elements of modern electronic production with the angsty energy found throughout her childhood CD collection. Through seven tracks drawing inspiration from the hard rock and punk bands of her youth, Rezz continues to help forge the rocktronic genre, a sound she’s experimented with time and time again on her hit collaborations ‘Sacrificial’ with PVRIS and ‘Falling’ with Underoath. With ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’, Rezz seeks to align both sonically and aesthetically with her compatriots and the like-minded creatives looking to bridge the worlds of rock and electronic music.

Enter Rezz’s rocktronic world and stream ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’ EP out now.


1 Signal (with Grabbitz)

2 Haunted Eyes (with MKLA)

3 Blue In The Face (with Shadient & fknsyd)

4 Embers (with Raven Gray)

5 Blurry Eyes (with Johnny Goth)

6 Dreamstate (with Silverstein & Tim Henson)

7 Not Enough (with Alice Glass)


July 20 – Electric Castle, Cluj-Napoca, RO

July 21 – Lollapalooza Paris, Paris, FR

August 5 – VELD Music Festival, Toronto, ON

August 6 – Osheaga, Montreal, QC

August 13 – Elements Music Festival, Long Pond, PA

August 31 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

September 1 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

September 15 – Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford, CA

September 17 – Imagine Music Festival, Hampton, GA

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