Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie announces ‘It’ll Be Lovely’ EP

Following on from the rousing response for their previously unveiled singles To Miss You” and “Lovely” in recent months, which have since been supported by BBC Introducing and added to the Rapal: le Megan NicGill-Fhaolain mix on BBC Sounds, as well as countless Spotify Editorial placements and tastemaker support including; Record of the Day, Earmilk, Tenement TV, Passport Approved, RTE, Ones To Watch, The Most Radicalist and many more, Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie (they/them) has now announced the details behind their eagerly-awaited new EP ‘It’ll Be Lovely’, showcased by the opening number Found My Person.

Capturing more of that warm and effervescent alt-pop aesthetic they have been cultivating since they first emerged, ‘It’ll Be Lovely’ stands as a statement of self-discovery and realisation about who they truly are, and the emotional turmoil that can be unearthed as a result. Kicking off the new collection with the lead single “Found My Person”, Davie showcases some of their most poetic songwriting to date, delivering a wonderfully rich and immersive take on honest romance and heartfelt passion.

Speaking about the new EP, they said, “‘It’ll Be Lovely’ encapsulates everything I was going through last year. From stumbling into a beautiful yet gut-punching long distance relationship to coming out as a non binary person and figuring out how to deal with an anxiety that had a chokehold on me, writing these songs and sharing it with my community has been so wonderful.

“It’s a collection of songs that helped me learn to love who I am and all the experiences that have shaped me. I hope people can find solace and comfort in the stories that I know are shared by so many.”

While adding about “Found My Person”, “I wholeheartedly believe that love is the most important thing we have in life, either platonically or romantically. I’m so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life to share my love with. Grab hold of the people in your life that make you feel special and cherish them forever.”

Having just wrapped up their support appearances for Sam Fisher on his recent UK and European tour, Blair Davie will also venture off to Hungary next month to perform at the renowned Sziget Festival on August 13th, with more live dates set to be announced soon.

‘It’ll Be Lovely’ EP Tracklist:

1. Found My Person

2. To Miss You

3. Lovely

4. Edge Of A Feeling

After introducing themselves with a flurry of exciting singles, including the highly-praised ‘Stairs’, ‘Platform 10’, and ‘Him, Hymn’, the latter being their own unique personal approach to coming out to their family and friends, 22 yo London-based Scottish born and raised singer-songwriter Blair Davie has been tipped as one of the most anticipated new artists on the rise right now. As a seasoned performer who has been writing music and fronting bands since they were a teenager, Blair’s rise can be pinpointed to their intimate songwriting that feels more honest than others in their field.

“It’s been beautiful realising that honesty and vulnerability are a superpower and that my music and my own mental health improve so much when I am being my complete, unapologetic self. I spent my teens in bands basically trying to be a rockstar”, laughs Davie, looking back at how he started out. “Looking back it’s hilarious to see me hiding behind a persona that was so far removed from who I am.”

After a particularly challenging 2020, Blair Davie began working on solo material. Since then, Blair has amassed more than 12k followers on TikTok, been officially playlisted on Spotify, toured the UK and Europe with the likes of JP Cooper, Emile Sande, and Fatherson, and sold out their first headline show at London’s Laylow.

Davie’s music deals with self-acceptance, their bisexuality, anxiety, loss, and heartbreak; but also the beauty that life can offer. Some refer to it as “Optimistic Tragedy”. Looking ahead to the future, and what they hope it’ll bring, Blair said, “I think it would be such a wonderful and emotional phenomenon to have a group of people in a room, who all have their own stories and struggles, all come together in song. If I can be a person to connect with those people it would be incredible.”

Blair draws inspiration from artists including Dodie, Orla Gartland, Leith Ross and Jake Wesley Rogers for their open and vulnerable approach to songwriting.









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