Sadness & Complete Disappointment are back with a clutch of new tracks for 2023. The band will self-release a new EP ‘GBH’ on 3rd November, 2023 with the first single of the collection – ‘GRIP’ – out today.

Guitarist and vocalist Meg Mehta explains it’s “a track about the internal struggle of being a creative soul living in this capitalist hellscape. It’s the ol’ adage of there being two wolves inside of everyone – and yup – there are two wolves that live inside of me. One of the wolves wants to earn money and keep myself and my family fed and safe, the other wolf just wants to play music and take mushrooms. This song is about cognitive dissonance in the highest degree, and convexly the back and forth that our little primitive beings face while being affronted with a constant barrage of future shock. On the one hand I am seeing if I can find my Tesco club card to save £1.60 on my kilogram of frozen edamame beans, and on the other hand I am moved to tears by the sheer unbridled beauty of the midsummer sunset in the ancient valley I grew up in. In the end, the world is a beautiful place to be (if only we could sack off our jobs).”

Much like ‘GRIP’ as a composition is very much a juxtaposition of the ethereal and the balls-out riffy, and its intent is to convey such intense cognitive dissonance, its cinematic music video sees the band members caught up in a rose-tinted psychedelic roadtrip that has a very dark side…

Drummer and lead vocalist Esmee Baker says of the EP “We are all crushed by depression pretty much day in and day out, and this EP is apparently what happens when you put four people who are really sick of living in one room together with some instruments they can just about play. Thematically, very on brand, our main thing is sadness – but with a glimmer of hope (which will inevitably at some point lead to disappointment). The first producer we approached essentially said we were too shit to tarnish his name with, but this ended up being a blessing in disguise as Will from Goliath Sound took us on and was a total dreamboat.”

Sadness & Complete Disappointment released their debut EP, the ironically titled ‘FUN.’, in 2021, having formed through a sharing of intense self doubt and abject misery. Since then, there’s been a bit of a line-up shake-up and three have become four. This arrangement is all the better to manifest their intricate soundscapes layering dark, grooving bass riffs, melancholy-soaked guitar, hazy soprano vocals and an overall feeling of heavy. The band are an audio powerhouse to the highest degree, snatching old school aesthetics and crafting classic elements in creative, new ways. 

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