Teri Gender Bender releases ‘OUTSIDERS’ EP

Teri Gender Bender has released her new EP ‘OUTSIDERS’ today via Clouds Hill. It completes her double EP following the release of ‘CATSPEAK’ in May.

About the EP’s title and its dominant subject, Teri illustrates: “Amidst the vast emptiness of societal constructs, we, the outsiders, wander like a lone star in a desolate sky. In the face of existential insignificance, we embrace the beauty of isolation, for it is in the depths of detachment that we discover the truest self. Bound by neither labels nor expectations, we are liberated to navigate the abyss of uncertainty, forging our own purpose amidst the void that God has forsaken us with. For in the realm of nihilism, being an outsider is not a curse, but a profound revelation that the only meaning we find is the meaning we create for ourselves.”

On the ‘OUTSIDERS’ EP, fans can hear a new song called ‘Walk Into My Everything’- trance centric and beat forward, Teri shares “In the vast void of existence, where purpose fades into cosmic insignificance, I reach out to you, my love, with a nihilistic plea. Take my hand and wander with me through the futility of it all. Let us traverse the barren landscapes of meaninglessness, where shadows mock our futile attempts to find solace. For in this desolate realm, we shall become each other’s everything, not because it holds inherent value, but simply because we choose to bestow significance upon our shared journey. In the face of existential absurdity, we defy the void by embracing the ephemeral connections we forge. So, my love, let us walk hand in hand, for even as we confront the void, our interlaced fingers weave a tapestry of fleeting purpose in this vast, indifferent cosmos.”

Teri released her ‘CATSPEAK’ EP in May. It included the tracks ‘Like No One Else’ and ‘Nicole Speaks Out’. Both EPs are now available physically, as well as on streaming services. Guitar, bass and drums, the multi-instrumentalist played herself on the new releases. She wrote the songs when she was 19 years old, but – just like the love she sings about on the EPs – she lost them… and then found them again! A musical move inspired by Violeta Félix and gives these songs a whole ton of the frenetic energy of growing-up and an innocence that we all lose when we get older. The texts are a little darker but glowing with rediscovered light and love.

Born the daughter of Mexican immigrants, Teresa Suárez Cosío is a singer, guitarist, and keyboard player who founded the garage punk band the Le Butcherettes in Guadalajara. Le Butcherettes won ‘Best New Artist’ and ‘Best Punk Record’ in the Indie-O awards and supported the likes of Jack White’s The Dead Weather and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Teri is riot grrrl for the big stage with an exuberant personality, spectacular shows, and thoughtful lyrics. She is intent on sharing her hyper fixated avant-garde pop rock songs with the masses, which is great news for the world we live in, and for those of us crying out for authentic personalities who are proudly, eccentrically, individual.

Teri recently released six live performance videos taken from her tour with The Mars Volta in autumn 2022, which can be seen on YouTube now. She will also support The Mars Volta on their US tour this September/October. Full list of tour dates can be found below and tickets can be purchased here.


Tickets available here

*supporting The Mars Volta

Sep 13 Uptown Theater, Minneapolis MN *

Sep 15 GLC Live at 20 Monroe, Grand Rapids MI *

Sep 16 Agora Theater & Ballroom, Cleveland OH *

Sep 19 The National, Richmond VA *

Sep 20 Rams Head Live! Baltimore MD *

Sep 22 Kings Theatre, Brooklyn NY *

Sep 23 College Street Music Hall, New Haven CT *

Sep 24 The Plaza Theater Performing Arts Center, El Paso TX *

Sep 25 MTELUS, Montreal QC *

Sep 27 Stage AE, Pittsburgh PA *

Sep 29 Old Forester’s Paristown Hall, Louisville KY *

Sep 30 The Andrew J Brady Music Center, Cincinnati OH *

Oct 01 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN *

Oct 03 The Factory, Chesterfield MO *

Oct 08 Uptown Theater, Kansas City MO *

Oct 09 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison CO *

Oct 11 The Union Event Center, Salt Lake City UT *

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