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Christina Martin – Storm

Storm is the eight release from Canadian singer songwriter Christina Martin, and it’s an excellent album. With a slightly different sound, adding orchestral strings to her typical riff heavy roots approach, this is something of a concept album. The well crafted lyrics reflect on the storms of life’s traumas and the journey to reach resolution. There is a clear progression in its eleven tracks, from the opening Little Princess, a nickname given in childhood by Martin’s older brother, to the closing Healed.

Much of the music on Storm feel restrained, the slower than usual tempo perhaps giving a more reflective and introspective air to suit their lyrical content. But the quality of the songwriting and passionate vocal delivery lift the music, aided by the sonic depth that the strings provide.

Little Princess opens the album brightly, the childhood theme clear. Stay With Me follows, a highlight of the album. Slow piano backs passionate lyrics that yearn for human connection. In Control is an interesting track with an edgy beat that actually gives a feeling that the control isn’t absolute. The following Some Days is far more upbeat, the contrast giving a clear impression of the ups and downs of life.

Sitting at the centre of the album is its title track, which starts slowly and builds with some great guitar work to a climax. It leaves the listener with a sense of the upheaval that has been experienced, but also the clear message that something better will eventually come out of the experience.

The second half of the album (perhaps side two for those who think in terms of vinyl) is more reflective as we build towards the conclusion. Inside The Mirror recalls nightmares in a vivid manner, while Austin is an upbeat track that recalls Martin’s years living in the Texas city, This is another standout track, with more of a rock feel than most of the album. The closing track Healed brings resolution and acceptance. The journey ends with peace in a fine track built around layered vocal harmonies that concludes the album beautifully.

Storm is a very good album, the slightly different musical style working well for Christina Martin. Built on roots rock, there are pop hooks aplenty. The lyrical content is deep and thought provoking and the vocal delivery is excellent throughout. Whether you want to study the underlying message or simply enjoy the sound of some fine music, Storm is an album well worth purchasing.

Label: Come Undone Records

Release date: 1 September 2023

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