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Inside Blu-ray Review

French horror got a real shot in the arm in the mid to late 00s; Inside being one of the stand-out films from the genre. But, Inside isn’t just a horror film, it’s a very deep and disturbing – but thoughtful – look into motherhood, and/or being on the precipice of it.

The film opens hard with the shot of an unborn baby inside of the womb with the muffled voice of a mother speaking. Before we know it there is a collision and we are on the outside now and see the terrible wreckage of a road accident.  Cut to sometime after when the expectant mother, Sarah (Alysson Paradis), still grieving the loss of her husband in the accident, is mere hours away from her expected time of labour. Then comes knocking at the door a stranger (Beatrice Dalle) who wants in and wants her baby.

If you want some schlock to go with your psychological drama, then Inside delivers. The practical effects work of the day are gruesome and wince-inducing in many places. The film is not afraid to go to very dark places. The directorial style is often dark and claustrophobic as the two women battle for life. It’s lost none of its impact since 2007 and deserves to be passed down to new generations of genre fans, but also is worthy of study for the deeper themes within the film.

Special Features

Second Sight once again deliver a terrific package for physical media fans. The box art is beautiful. The pale-faced image of Dalle lording over the pregnant Sarah is chilling and beautiful at the same time.

Picture and sound are what we also expect from Second Sight, and there is a 4K option which we can only imagine looks and sounds even better. But do look up the specs for that edition if you are interested in it.

On the bonus side of things, there are two new commentaries; one by critic Anna Bogutskaya and the other by writer Elena Lazic.

There are also some very insightful interviews as well. First Born: a new interview with Co-Writer/Directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury which is lengthy and gives the makers of the film to reflect on the making-of process (This is in French with English subs).

Labour Pains: a new interview with Actor Alysson Paradis. Lead actress Paradis reflects on playing Sarah in the film (This is also in French with English subs).

A New Extreme: a new interview with Producer Franck Ribière.

Womb Raider: a new interview with Cinematographer Laurent Barès.

Reel Action: a new interview with Stunt Coordinator Emmanuel Lanzi (A very insightful interview on stunts and effects work in the film.

The Birth of a Mother: Jenn Adams on Inside. This short but insightful reading of the film is handy for people looking for the deeper meanings within Inside.

Inside the box you also get a 70-page book with new essays by ​​Chad Collins, Kat Ellinger, Annie Rose Malamet and Hannah Strong, and 6 collectors’ art cards,

All in all; a very decent package with some key contributors voicing their opinions many years after the work mixed in with modern writer and critic opinions and study.  It’s all you need for a proud place in the collection at home.

Steven Hurst

Inside is released by Second Sight and is available now.

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