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Atlanta's genre-defying sonic youths, Adom arrive with an inspirational offering in the form of debut LP Idiot Savant, produced by legendary keyboard guru Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree, ex-Japan). Released by Manchester's Storm Music on September 1st, this epic chunk of guitar art has already had US hacks creaming in their leather trousers. These young Americans are a refreshing alternative to all those post graduate punks with well paid jobs. Adom are a melodic monsoon, a proper band; playing music, writing tunes and pissing about all day. They sound a lot like 2003 and not much like 1977.

Adom were arrested after burning their name into Elton John's tennis court in Atlanta. Elton saw the funny side, dropped the charges and invited them to record in his US studios. They turned him down and took up an offer from mate and mentor Chris Cornell, who recorded the demo that kicked it all off.

Cool kids being cool kids and bored with the USA, Adom decided to set up base on the back streets of Manchester. Whilst some locals robbed their house the rest of the city packed out their gigs.

Having returned from supporting The Raveonettes, Longwave and Mouse on Mars, Adom have been bundled back into van to conquer the rest of the UK.

14th Manchester Life Café
15th Nuneaton Nag's Head
21st Taunton Café Mamba
22nd Canterbury Fayre Festival
23rd Brighton Freebutt
24th Southampton Joiners
28th Cambridge Portland Arms
29th London Metro Club
30th Bristol Louisiana
31st Bournemouth Mr Smiths

4th Liverpool Barfly
6th Bradford Rio
8th Stoke Sugarmill
9th Sheffield Casbah
11t Peterborough Met Lounge
12th Leicester Sumo
13th Worcester Appletree
15th Manchester Life Café
16th Reading 3B's
17th University College of Worcester
18th Wolverhampton Little Civic
20th Bath Moles Club
24th Cheltenham Fish & Fiddle
25th Lincoln University
26th Edinburgh Underworld
27th Scarborough Kazbah
29th Hull University

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