Bitching Beach Party Without The Sand

Summer, sunshine, splishy, sploshy singing. It's the BEACH PARTY so pull your shorts on, get those cozzies out and get ready to soak up some rays. Well maybe not rays cos this beach party is indoors @ The Masque on Thursday 28th August. There may not be sun, sea and sangria but there will be virtual beach fun with fresh salt water, ice-creams, photo booths with fat old ladies and skinny old men, knobbly knee competitions, beach volley ball and wet t-shirts. Well again maybe not the last one but you have got to let your imagination run wild.

This is the first BEACH PARTY presented by with plans to develop the theme and maybe one day actually do a gig on a beach. It's the summer and the last weekend before September so you must be bored of the actual sun by now so come and visit Masque Beach for some indoor summer frovalities.

Playing on this glorious summer evening are visitors from out of space “Alien Babies”, party hard “Surge”, beachcombing “Atonal” and the sun warming “Ji”.

To help the beach party atmosphere anyone wearing Bermuda shorts and hawain t-shirts can get in for half price. Anyone wearing a swimming cozzie gets in for free.

Also you can get in for free into The Moo Club afterwards with DJ Clint Boon (ex-Inspiral Carpets) spinning some metal disk things. Doors at 7pm, £4 on the Door.

It's a festival. Its got sand, surf and sun. Its got the beach. Except it hasn't.

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