Caroline Alexander Tour – February 2003

Deceptively doll-like to look at, the striking North Londoner – whose exotic looks are down to a blend of Jamaican and English blood – has already shown she is a force not to be toyed with : In the last 18 months she has sold more CDs than any other UK female rock act, headlined loads of packed venues, appeared on the cover of major UK rock magazines, has had her track “If You” featured on UK Play over 30 times, and been play listed by most student radio stations and independent radio for her singles “Fake the Blame” and “If You” – songs she wrote when just 16 years old.

Now she is appearing at the famous Liverpool Cavern as part of a tour to promote the latest single “Yellow Baby”, which has been described by Radio 1 as “uniquely British and quirky”. The single was produced by Skunk Anansie guitarist ACE and he has also co-written a number of songs of the forthcoming album.

Caroline says “I'm really into what I am doing, so I've never considered that it wouldn't work out for me. I have taken time to put this together and turned down several offers by major labels but now I feel I have the songs to do really well” and despite competing in a “manufactured man's world” she has the guts and the talent to make it happen.

Go and see her on Monday 17th February @ the Cavern.

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