Junk Culture on the Loose

Liverpool five-piece grunge-rock warlords Junk Culture take to the open roads of England and Wales in a debut tour of the UK this September promoting the release of their new single “The Lost Art of Innocence”.

Formed in May 2001 with the intention of writing great songs, they have already made one hell of a name for themselves in their native Merseyside. Indeed at least a 100 of the so called 'Junkies' followed them to their debut gig at the Camden Barfly making it a night to remember.

Having already played high profile support slots to the likes of LA Rockers “Four Star Mary” and being linked to Japanese label Yoshiko Records the scene is set for greater things.

Described as a cross between U2, Soulwax, Guns n' Roses and Pearl Jam, Junk Culture are a band destined for greatness. With their careful blend of powerful drums, hook-driven Bass-lines, ambient-yet-angry guitars, textured keyboards and heart-felt vocals, they the band remind people what music is all about. A band with passion, a band with integrity, a band with great fucking songs.

After a short break this year (2003), Junk Culture are returning with a bang – announcing details for a UK tour in September. The Single “The Lost Art Of Innocence” is released on D.I Records on the 22nd September.

The single (EP) contains the following tracks and video:

1 – Up to You
A tragically romantic ballad for the 'power of love', 'Up To You' depicts the consequences and rewards of love in the 21st Century. The message of triumph through adversity shines through in this track, blazing a message to the listener that anything is possible.

2 – Breathe
An exciting, jumpy track, 'Breathe' screams out excitement and energy, yet, however as a deeper meaning, as songs often do. Filled with energy and angst, this track holds no true obvious meaning, allowing the listener to paint their own picture of events leading to this song.

3 – Daydream
'Dark. Mysterious. Spooky.' Three words which will instantly spring to mind you hear this track. 'Daydream' has an intense vibe that will inspire waking dreams, and a flash of emotion as the dark guitar riffs float around you, through you.

4 – Forgiven (Video + second single)
Relaxing and emotional, the bass lines provided in this song rhyme a beat to match your soul, as 'Forgiven' drifts you off into world of deep meaningful melodies, and a tranquil state of enjoyment.

5 – Rusher
An extremely powerful song, ripping vocals, and powerful guitars, provide a somewhat eerie atmosphere when listening to this song. 'Rusher' envisages the struggle between light and dark, and the perpetual fight for the 'right thing to do'.

6 – I Do
'I Do' tells the story of a moody yet romantic ballad of someone opening up their heart to the world, and to the person they are ready to give themselves to fully. The song depicts solidarity of emotion throughout, and a feeling of readiness to move forward into the future, head held high, proud that you're alive.

10th September – Blu Bar, Ryhl
11th September – The Leopard, Doncaster
12th September – Anglesey Arms, Caernarfon
13th September – The Monarch, London
14th September – Junktion 7, Nottingham
15th September – Deva & Mail Club, Chester
16th September – The Casbah, Sheffield
18th September – The Masque, Liverpool

The tour is presented by Liverpool media moguls Glasswerk Media. Tickets will be available on the doors. For booking information and further ticket details see glasswerk.co.uk

junkculture.info :: link
glasswerk.co.uk:: link

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