Owing to it's recent title of “Capital of Cool” a new and unique email forwarding service has been set up. will allow people to “take pride in ownership” of mail. The idea is already gaining a lot of media attention and has been reported on by The Liverpool Echo, Radio Merseyside and Daily Mirror.

The website was launched by Vincent Pybis a local business man. When asked what he thought about the new title of “Livercool” he said ” I don't need a fashion magazine from London to tell me, I live here”

The website has pledged to support a local charity with the majority of profits from the scheme. Mr Pybis said we are already talking with a couple of Liverpool charities but Zoë's Place a local children's hospice have indicated they would love to be a part of the scheme.

The service will cost £5.00 per year of which £4.00 will be donated to the charity. the remaining £1.00 will go towards the sites administration and hosting fees. The name is getting around already as Livercools own Atomic Kitten and Jemini have already registered their names. Other Celebrities and prominent Livercool business have registered but shall remain confidential. A lot of people are registering whole family names, one member said “I have registered all my family it was a really cool present , the kids love it”

For more information on the service visit link

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