Name Changes Given Notice

Two Glasswerk bands have recently changed their names in what has become a mini flurry of name changing in Liverpool.

Townsend have recently become The Vagabonds. The bass player explains the reasons for this surprising turnaround in a simple and concise statement, “There are many reasons why we changed our name to The Vagabonds, but the main reason for the name change is simply, we thought Townsend was a shit name for a band and its took us 2 years to come up with something original.”

Townsed – I mean The Vagabonds are now concentrating on getting gigs out of Liverpool so as to give new crowds a taste of The Vagabonds.

The other band to have a name change is Dopamine – now Day With Mary. Perhaps a more understandable name change as they recently had their website address mistakenly printed in the kerrang when it was another Welsh band of the same name being featured.

“We started seeing all these other bands leaving us messages on our website saying that they have the same name…” states Bassist Paul, gorging himself on day old ham and Doritos Dippas in his Kensington bedsit, “so we started to have doubts about keeping it as ours.”

After countless band meetings and some very poor suggestions, the band finally decided to settle on the name Day With Mary; states Chris from his luxurious Padgate terrace accomodation “the name came to us after we were stoned out of our faces during a day long toad licking binge.”

The new website is now up and running at and will be launched by the end of the month. Day With Mary play York Fibbers on Feb 28, Manchester Night&Day on March 10th with more dates to be confirmed for March as part of a UK Mini-Tour.

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