Peter Pan Enjoys New Lease of Life

Peter Coyle, the singer/songwriter of Liverpool, England's the Lotus Eaters, has made his U.S. debut with “Reach for the Sun,” a limited-edition CD from Know-It-All Records. The CD can be found at: link

Coyle is one of Liverpool's finest songwriters and most unpredictable independent artists, renowned for his work in such bands as the Jass Babies and the Lotus Eaters (“The First Picture of You,” “German Girl”) as well as his own hard-to-find solo oeuvre. His influence can be heard in such critically acclaimed artists like Travis and Badly Drawn Boy.

Coyle was signed to Know-It-All Records, an independent label based in Tacoma, Washington, by A&R representative Michael Sutton, who was introduced to Coyle's music in the Philippines during the mid-'80s.

In addition, Coyle is the featured artist on “Radio KIA,” the Internet radio station of Know-It-All Records: link

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