Robannas' Summer In The City

It is always said that charity begins at home. This year the largest music studio in the midlands are showing their support for Acorn's Children's Hospice, their local charity. But it doesn't just stop at helping the charity. They are also helping local artists, who rehearse at their complex, expose themselves to a wide, diverse audience.

Birmingham's music scene is growing, and Robannas Studios is at the forefront of driving new artists forward. This year sees Robannas releasing two albums featuring over 30 new acts, and to support these bands Robannas will be showcasing seven shows over 5 days to get the bands live exposure as well as recorded exposure through the albums.

“Bands rehearse at Robannas to play live, therefore we give them gigs. But they also aim to record their music and hope to release it. We are giving artists these opportunities. Not everyone knows the way to go about promoting themselves and establishing themselves as a band. We are helping them realize their potential” Robert Hoffman – Robannas Studios

The events are kicking off on Thursday 17th July, at the Birmingham Academy 2 featuring four bands from the album, with further shows starting on Saturday 19th July at Chamberlain Square.

For further details:

Contact: Paul Muller – Marketing & promotions manager
Tel: 0121 333 3201
e-mail: mail

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