The B-Movie Heroes

The B-movie Heroes are back in Liverpool again @ a Glasswerk night. This is becoming something of a habit – catch them on the 10th April @ the Masque Bar with Cadium, Cabletwitch and Lonely.

Spank Records are proud to announce the release of a 7″ single from Worcester's finest hard-gigging punksters B-Movie Heroes, which is the band' s debut for the nascent Merseyside label. This vinyl feast of furous riffage and melodic merlinery is taken from the forthcoming album, “Anthems For The Underdog”, which is due for national release through Spank on 16th June, 2003.

“'Kid With A Temper' is about a lad who keeps changing his mind to try and convince everyone he's a genuine person” explains guitarist and vocalist Dean, “Even if this means treading on a few people along the way.” “But the longer people get to know him, the more his selfish insecurities start to show and this guy is apt to explode at the tiniest things – the moral being I guess that you can never tell who's hiding behind the smile!”

With the B-Movies constantly touring to rapt crowds throughout the UK, the energy and effervescence that can only come from the twisted imaginations of genuinely talented songwriters translates superbly onto vinyl. A three minute showdown with the devilishly delinquent; Kid With A Temper marries feral ferocity with guitar grace.

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