The Screamin Stukas

Finnish band 'The Screamin Stukas' are hitting the Masque on the 12th February. Rampaging round the country on their second UK tour after their debut album entered the Scandinavian charts at number 7, the album is now being released over here through Universal.

Out to deliver some explosive, fun-charged rock´n´roll, the Screamin´ Stukas are a band not to be ignored by anyone in search of a good time. Defying trends and fashions, these four youg men are known to be capable of pounding their audiences to total submission with a distinctive brand of energetic, timeless rock´n´roll and choruses more blatantly catchy than anything you´ve heard since the heyday of 70´s glam rock. Hailing from the bleak industrial city of Lahti in southern Finland (fittingly called by some the Chicago of Finland, by others Detroit…), the Screamin´ Stukas are a band with a simple message that neatly sums up what true rock´n´roll was, is, and always should be about: “Let´s get down, let´s mess around, let´s have some fun tonight!”

Support on the 12th February comes from Blackout and Elevator.

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