The Zutons Interview

I caught up with Liverpool's newest hotly tipped creative ensemble The Zutons at Nottingham's Social. One of many to come from Liverpool infamous Bandwagon night. This was the second date of their tour headlined by The Basement another band tipped for success in 2003. The Zutons first single “Devils Deal”, released in late August of last year, sold out within two days. Forcing eager fans to buy at prices of £15-20 on ebay. With a new single out on May 12th, Creepin' an' a Crawlin' looks to repeat this fete. With plays of the video on MTV2 and Radio1's Jo Whiley Show increasing there popularity.

Greeted by Dave McCabe the lead singer, he showed onto a shared tour bus and introduced me to the band. They are:

Dave McCabe – lead vocals / guitar
Boyan Chowdhury – guitar / vocals
Abi Harding – saxophone 🙂
Russell Pritchard – bass / vocals
Sean Payne – drums

Your new single is out on May the 12th Creepin' an' a Crawlin' what can we expect? It got a nice beat running through. The harmonies make it. It's a good tune one we really enjoyed recording. It a good song to get us goin'.

What does the name Zutons mean? The name was a mistake to be honest, an it just stuck! we wanted a band name whcih would make us original and not forgotten about in fifteen minutes.

What influences do you draw? All types really we're big Beach Boys fans, Bo Diddley, Hank Williams anything goes.

How are you finding the touring? has the band gone down well? Yeh it's been sound. I can't actually remember a bad gig.

Any songs to look out for? Yeh they're all good, all of them favourites to us. People though particularly like Creepin' an' a Crawlin', Zuton Fever, Lost my friend among others…

How long before your doing your own headline tour? Not long now we think, it's all a bit up in the air. W'eve got this tour with the basement and the New Brighton gig and the festivals so whatever we can fit in.

Any news on the album? Were still getting tighter as a band and want to make an amazin' album. We got around thirty songs we are performin' but it quality not quantity. It's obviously untitled at the moment and we are looking at the earliest, a release date of mid September.

The Big Top in New Brighton has a fantastic lineup, with the Coral, Thrills, Libertines and yourselves of course. Are you looking forward to it? Yeh it gonna be great, it's a great lineup and it good to be in it. We've toured with the Thrills before and were good mates with the Coral. There's two thousand people, the most people we will have played to yet. Get your ass down there!

What musically are the Zutons about? Well we mix all styles and have come up with our own sound. We're not arsed about the rest of the bullshit. We just wanna make our music and perform it to people. Everything else doesn't matter.

Do you feel the rush of bands from Liverpool to be a good thing? Not at all, Liverpool is full of talented musicians who've gone unnoticed for years. It's been brewing under since the La's split.

What Festivals will we see The Zutons at then? Were doing the V festival, T in the Park as well and definitely Glastonbury, not sure if were on the Friday or the Sunday though.

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