This Is Our Truth?

Truth @ RSVP Liverpool every Wednesday

When someone who has just served 10 years in prison make it out in to the cold light of day, they will feel as ill equipped to deal with today's music scene as “Joliet Jake” in the Blues Brothers.

Pretension has replaced happiness, arrogance for performance. The atmosphere has been wrung out of Liverpool nightlife and replaced with a stifling corporate based culture.

Swimming against this seemingly unconquerable tide has left many people tired and unwilling to continue. Nights such as the Lemon Lounge's Candlelit Experience and the Dead Monkey live nights have kept the flame of enjoyment alive, but the City Centre seems to have sold its soul to the god of regeneration.

As massive projects such as FACT and smaller oasis projects such as Club 3345 gain prominence the City still lacks a flagship such as Cream, or Manchester's flagship FAC51 The Hacienda.

Truth is targeted at those who do wish to fight the tide, who do value many genres of music and who appreciate the true Liverpool atmosphere, now sadly only felt at a Liverpool Derby or Creamfields.

Bringing that atmosphere back to Liverpool has taken six months of intensive planning and a lot of soul searching, culminating in the launch of Truth on January 22nd at RSVP.

Planted firmly in the Concert Square City Centre development, Truth showcases the best of Liverpool talent, live and DJ led including comedy, street performers, DJ'ing skills and live bands.

The front room contains DJ's from a broad range of genres including dance anthems, soul & funk, '88-98 classics and even some indie/dance crossovers. The back room contains the best of Alternative & Live acts all drawn from the vast pool of talent that Liverpool has to offer including punk, indie, metal, character comedy and dance performers.

In the true tradition of Liverpool, the whole mini festival experience is available for a fiver!

Chris Billington / Martin Jones
True Independent
The Garages
Knowsley Park
L34 0JH

07984 228843


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