Interview with Taka Feeder!

On the eve of the release of their new single, Feeder’s own Taka Hirose has taken time out to talk to Glasswerk…

So Where are you Taka and what are you up to?
I am in London and after all these Summer festivals we will have a few days off, but we have to promote the new single (Find the Colour) which is coming out this month.

So what have you got lined up before the single is released?
Well… we are doing CD:UK this weekend, and a small show for Capital Radio in Scotland, with bands such as Turin Brakes. I guess we will do five or six songs – it will be nice.

Then leading up to a Christmas you have a big tour?
Yeah before our UK tour we are going to Europe to do some shows then coming back in the big arena, and that will be big for us. We are looking forward to it.

And then some time off?
Obviously at Christmas and New Year we can relax… then after that, unless we go to the U.S. to promote this album a bit more, otherwise we will start working on new songs, a new album. It doesn’t stop!

In December you play Wembley Arena… is that a great honour or are you happier playing smaller more intimate venues such as the Brixton Academy?
Yes it’s certainly a great honour. We have played there before but not as main band. It is a great honour. I have to say I prefer the Brixton Academy and I really like the Astoria – really small and intense gigs. But Brixton is a pretty good size, it’s a good venue. There are things you miss when you play arenas, like communication and interaction. But its great and I’m not complaining.

A lot of critics see your latest album comfort in sound as your best album yet. Do you agree with that?
Yes I do. I guess production-wise and with Grant’s song-writing it is the best work we have ever done.

But its certainly more mellow and emotional than previous albums isn’t it. Was that always going to be the case do you think, because of Jon?
If you think about it you lose your best mate it affects a lot of what you do and think and it comes out in your song-writing. I don’t think a slow mellow song is a better song but overall they are better songs on a better album

What’s your favourite song on the new album?
Just the Way I’m Feeling

And is that your favourite to play live as well?
Yes it is… And Forget about Tomorrow. And sometimes we play Godzilla – I really like that live – a heavy song.

Cast your mind back now to Buck Rogers. Do you look back on that with really good memories really fondly, or as a bit of a mistake?
(chuckling) Grant thinks it’s a bit of a mistake but wherever we go that song is so instant.. Europe, America, people don’t know us and have never heard our songs but when they hear that they recognise it. It’s a global thing. Of course when we are playing new material it’s a bit odd, but its one of our biggest songs, our biggest single.

Taka, what has been you best feeder moment to date? An amazing gig, breaking into the charts?
Headlining festivals. We have only done 2nd stage headlining, but we really feel like we have achieved something. This Summer we played at Virgin. It wasn’t the best show for us, but we felt we had achieved something. When playing alongside bands like Coldplay, there are a lot of people in front of you!

Feeder clearly love playing live, and especially in your earlier years, have played a phenomenal number of gigs. Do you see your future out on the road or in the recording studio?
You create something in a studio. I love studio work but it’s very different to playing live. But if we carried on doing tour after tour we would get bored. You do 150 gigs a year playing the same songs and you would get bored. Even if you change the set you get bored. And when you get bored that’s the time to go in the studio and do something creative. You need to keep a balance I guess…. or you’re in trouble!

Do you intend to get involved in any side-projects outside Feeder?
Grant has done a couple… of course if I had time but always the priority is this band. But if the time was right and someone was to ring me up and ask me to do something then alright! Why not! I would love to play

What other bands are you listening to at the moment that impress you?
Some hip-hop things. I don’t like the single but I love the band Black Eyed Pea. They’re a really great band but I’m really almost embarrassed by the single! NERD as well… I listen to them a lot. I’m always looking for more stuff.

Taka, can you tell me one thing about yourself that even the biggest Feeder anorak wont know?
erm.. Myself? that’s difficult! (time passes)

First single you bought?
Village people – “In the Navy”. I didn’t know what it was all about!

Its been great talking to you Taka!

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