TRAPT – Free in Liverpool

“Headstrong.” It's the opening track, and debut single of Trapt, the major label debut album from the compulsively original young band of the same name. Trapt are playing @ The Krazy House on the 19th September with support from Cadium and Second Nature.

‘Headstrong’ is off the debut self titled album that has been a long time coming from these California rock bitches and encapsulates the stubbornness of this bands mentality to get their music out. Formed in the mid-nineties while still at school they quickly graduated to performing at larger gigs supporting the likes of Papa Roach, Dregz and Spike 1000 amongst others. Label after label showed interest in them but despite the difficulties in keeping the band together as they all moved their separate ways to go to college and the final nail in the coffin when they turned down a major deal due to musical differences, the band stayed mostly together and united towards their goal of playing the music.

Now signed to Warner Bros Records and following the recording of the album with producer Garth Richardson (of Rage Against The Machine fame) they are in the UK promoting ‘Trapt’.

Go see them.

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