t w e l v e – STUDENT FESTIVAL – this Sunday

Title: : t w e l v e – Manchester's New Music Festival (in assoc with FreeflowUk and Budweiser)

Sunday Oct 5th – Student Festival showcasing Manchester's BEST student bands. Genres – INNOVATIVE indie/Alt rock, live electronica, soul/funk, Emo/hardcore, acoustic folk, goth rock, comedy rock and electronic DJs

Formula: 12 quality bands: 12noon – 12midnight.

Equation: EMMET + THE REMOTE CONTROL + FOR TOMORROWS + MADE IN CHINA + AKOGA + What the Fuck's a Parsnip ? + Throne + Commune + Chunky + Publicide + Sam Hammond = 12

Venue: JABEZ CLEGG (opposite The Academy), 0161-272-8612

12″: Hip-hop/breaks/electronica = 12

Thirst: £1.50 pints / reef + £2.50 doubles and mixer = 12

Munch: snack items (FREE SAMOSAS and bhajis) = 12

Every 12th person in receives freebies (CDs, Mags) = 12

dOLLAR: £4

www.vmanevents.co.uk (please put a link on your site)

Freeflow UK is a new web site by the University of Salford, featured at this years In The City conference, designed to showcase the best up and coming creative talent in the Manchester area. With five main sections including music, media, performance, journalism and e-learning, it is the largest online portal for emerging creative talent in the North West.

Visitors to the site can listen to audio and watch video pieces of talented performers, composers, actors and presenters, as well as read up to the minute news, articles, reviews and interviews. It is your chance to become part of a growing community of vibrant minds, talented individuals, and the next creative professionals. link.

The bands (with links):

10pm – EMMET – one of the highlights of this year's In The City. An unstoppable electronic three piece with an onstage armoury of samples, synths, filters, guitars, vocoders and live rhythm creation. Think Chemical Brothers meets Underworld meets Daft Punk; a genre-busting, live tour-de-force of beats, bleeps and grooves with an electric performance and stunning visuals. (9.10pm)

9.15 – Throne – “Melodic Goth Metal Band with FAT powerful riffs supporting intense female vocals. Influences include Disturbed and Lacuna Coil. Get your spirits flying and your heads banging!!

8.30 – Akoga – Stoner emotional hardcore with a touch of blues. Akin to Biohazard,
Slayer with a funk rock feel (if thats possible). One of the handful of innovative metal bands presently in Manchester.

7.45 – For Tomorrows – amongst the hottest rock bands around. Powerful, Manc emo mixed with traditional hard-hitting rock n roll. “The dynamics are spellbinding as the highly pitched anthemic backing vocals, angular but pitch perfect, prop against the bleeding heart angst of the lead singer, who is not doubt in every part a rock believer. ” Manchestermusic.co.uk

7 – Made in China – Alternative indie punk – crossing many borders. “The rhythms are satisfyingly offset, the guitars are agitatedly angular and the vocals are delivered with some piercing PJ Harvey power ” Manchestermusic.co.uk

6.15 – Change the Channel (formerly The Remote Control) – finally an accessible band that make inspiring, emotional tunes that it's OK to like. “they mix Fleetwood Mac vocal harmonies with staunch, simple and effortlessly danceable Rage Against the Machine bass grooves. Their songs are full-blooded, intelligent, anchored by strong melodies and hooks, and all driven home by a huge sound (two guitars, three voices, tape loops, violin, that bass) ” Manchestermusic.co.uk

5.30 – Chunky – chilled out old skool soul / funk tunes. Marvin Gaye, Al Green. Tunes to smoke to.

4.45 – 'The Wonderful world of Sam Hammond' – Solo acoustic blues/folk musak to touch your heart Daddio. Played with
Desmond Dekker recently. Stunning slide guitar backing husky, intense vocals….Smokin!

4pm – What the Fuck's a Parsnip ? – If the Young Ones had formed a band this might have been it. Tenacious D, fronted by a funky false chested dancer, and garnished with a sprinkling of Monty Python. Worth watching alone for their version of United Kingdom of Whatever, specially rewritten for each venue with tender loving care. Ridiculous but interesting.

3.15 – Publicide – think Rage Against The Machine vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers

2.30 – Commune – Take a pinch of punk, a dash of funk
2 tablespoons of rock & roll
All seasoned with a sprig of Jazz
Best Served with Kerbdog, Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Tool and the Queens of the
Stone Age.

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