Laika dog on the loose!

It's been two years now since the final Terrorvision gig in Bradford and one year since the first 'Laika dog' gig in London. Well give or take a month. Since then Tony, Paddy, Sim and Parry (Laika dog) have been writing, rehearsing and recording. Now after the success of their March tour which managed to finance the first recordings they are ready to set off again and even visit a few of those places missed out last time.

With a philosophy of write tunes and play gigs 'Laika dog' are playing it live near you and even got a little something for you to take home with you in the form of '3 tracks by Laika dog'.

'We listened to the crowd at the last gigs to decide the tunes we recorded and so 'Daddy what's your soul, Can't get over, and Away with you' are now going to be available at these'.

'It's not underground cos' it's out there for the taking but it is a cottage industry to us now and cos' it's our cottage we've decided to give away a free track on our website. This is so people can download and decide for themselves and something the business side of things has always had to take so long about deciding it takes away the meaning of the word 'free'.

So they're your band. With songs for you and coming to play it live near you soon.

I can almost hear them now charging down off those windy moors…………………….

LAIKA DOG + The Moon

23rd Sept Burnley Mechanics
25th Sept Manchester Ashton
26th Sept York Fibbers
2nd Oct Crewe Limelight
3rd Oct Glasgow Cathouse
4th Oct Doncaster Leopard
7th Oct Sheffield Boardwalk
10th Oct Romford The Tek
11th Oct Dudley JB's
12th Oct Exeter Cavern
16th Oct Bristol Fleece
18th Oct Cardiff Barfly
23rd Oct Reading Fez Club
24th Oct Liverpool Cavern
25th Oct London Garage
26th Oct Leeds Cockpit
29th Oct Newcastle Cluny

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