Your Chance To Be Famous – Well KInd Of

For the last year Kiosk (Donald Ross Skinner and Krissie Nicolson) have been writing and recording feverishly with Andy Parker at Notepad Studios in London W10. Donald's last band, “Fiji”, he formed with Jamie Hince now known as Hotel from the Kills and Krissie's previous singing incarnation was with Spek. They where first invited to write together by Tom of The Hearse Foundation when he heard that each of them were looking form a new band. After a few days in the studio Donald felt fucking ace! ” yeah, and krissie was really loving it tooo?”

Following a short spell in the tropical diseases hospital in London's Camden Town, the feeling in Donald's fingers finally came back and they were able to begin the Kiosk partnership in ernest. “Stratospheric” is the debut single from there cracking album that will be released early next year

You have a chance to be a part of this by geting your solo included on the track 'Stratospheric'. The winning entry will get their Stratospheric solo on 101 limited edition picture discs.

All you have to do is:
1) Download the mp3 of Stratospheric from link with the missing solo.
2) Record your own solo on a separate track.
3) Convert the recording of your solo into an mp3 format.
4) Send the mp3 of your solo back to Kiosk. THE SOLO ONLY.

Check out the track below:

Media Player – link
Real Player – link
MP3 – link

Go to here link

This promotion comes in association with The Hearse Foundation

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