We have been entered for the Broadband from BT Interactive Music Awards. Normally such website awards are meaningless and we wouldn't ask you to bother with it but this one is interesting so make sure you register a vote for your favourite new music promoters – thats us if you were unsure.

If we win then we get to go to a prize ceremony in London so come on let us go out and party…we deserve it honest.

Here are some resons why we deserve this prize:
– We rock the hardest
– We spend a lot of time and money lovingly creating and designing this site to keep you up to date.
– We consistantly find the best new music for you
– We are pitless
– We are all pretty and handsome and so you are predestined to love us
– We want to go to London and drink free champagne
– Mat can make the award ceremony the staff night out and save himself money

See it all makes sense.

You as a voter could also win some decent prizes including a safari trip, a luxury car and a cuddly toy. So even if you hate us you could get something out of it. Don't just site there. VOTE!

All you need to do is click here to vote, or on the image below!

Click here to vote for Glasswerk!

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