This Sunday – t w e l v e – Manchester's New Music Festival

Title: : t w e l v e – Manchester's New Music Festival (in assoc with Budweiser and Nymphs of Baccus)

Featuring, as part of their UK tour, making their first appearance in Manchester since ITC, YOUTH MOVIE SOUNDTRACK STRATEGIES from Oxford, the best band BY FAR at InTheCity 2003. Think Mogwai, Sikth, Godspeed, At the Drive In. If there is one band you go and see for the rest of year, I reccommend you make it these guys. 4K's in Kerrang; promoting their EP on Vacuous Pop Records; Steve Lamacq said ” like a post-hardcore brain-storming session on where music should go next”. Read a live review on

NEW FORMULA: 10 bands : 2pm – 11pm (serves till 12.30am, so come after Hot Hot Heat) : less bands, more emphasis on quality. Each 12 ends with a live, innovative electronic artist.

Sunday Nov 2nd – Ambient / Atmospheric rock / Alternative / live Electronica / Grunge / art-metal / Prog / Psychadelic / electronic DJs

Equation: YOUTH MOVIE SOUNDTRACK STRATEGIES + Palo Alto + INDRA + Underglo + Karma Destination + Anunaki + Mantra + Purgatory State + The Edmund Fitzgerald + Innasence = 12

Venue: JABEZ CLEGG (opposite The Academy), 0161-272-8612, M13 9GB

12″: Hip-hop/breaks/electronica = 12

Thirst: £1.50 pints + £2.50 doubles and mixer = 12


Entry : £4 : £2 with a Hot Hot Heat ticket (please put a link on your site)

Nymphs Of Bacchus – “Small order specialists in merchandise and design for unsigned bands”. NOB have been trading for 1 year as a clothing company and have products featured thoughout Afflecks Palace and have already been involved with In the City and the Northern Quarter Festival. Their service is beneficial for local bands because they can print small runs of drumskins, tshirts, hoodies, badges,
stickers, records bags, caps and other items. Most merchandise companies only deal in large quantities. They can print a personalised drum skin for your band for only £30 ! See link for more details.

The bands (with links):

7.15pm – YOUTH MOVIE SOUNDTRACK STRATEGIES ( – Post-rock scattered with avant-garde punk and electronica. Destined to be huge, on their UK tour, their first appearance in Manchester since their intense ITC gig.

8.45 – Palo Alto – showcased at prestigious Chairsmissing gigs and recently
supported Amplifier. Their two EPs on Manchester's
growing Valentine label have been extremely well received critically and commercially, and led to comparisons with the lush soundscapes of My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins.

8pm – INDRA – Vman:records – they've spent 2 years, locked up, writing and recording their first EP, and now they are ready to take it live. It's dark, messy and yet beautiful. Think Massive Attack, Elbow, Radiohead. You will hear and read about this band.

6.30 – The Edmund Fitzgerald – touring with YouthMovieSountrack Strategies,Oxford post-rock youngsters showing strong mettle and maturity far beyond their years playing stunning Sonic Youth and Slint meets Hood style guitar music.

9.30pm – Mantra – neo-electronic groove dance fashioned from recorded guitar, synths, vocals, samples and effects. Born of the post rave comedown and growing in freedom…..

5.45 – Underglo – compose music that can only be described as dark, neurotic and atmospheric. With a style in the vein of the Smashing Pumpkings, Deftones and Placebo they seek to stimulate emotions whilst evading the monotonous and conventional.

3.30 – Anunaki – atmospheric as fcuk. They are the Jekyll and Hyde love-child of
Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley and Muse – get off your arse and watch
this band

4.15 – Karma Destination – An eclectic mix of diverse influences that brings together a particular innovative ambient indie sound. Think Mansun, The Charlatans, Think Radiohead, close your eyes and hear 'Karma Destination'.

5pm – Purgatory State – Female-fronted punk/grunge band from Manchester with disturbing dark undertones. Think: Distillers, Human Waste Project, Stooges, My Ruin, X-rey Spex… with added angst, and the volume cranked-up!

2.45 – Innasence – swirling psychadelic rock. Primal Scream, The Doors, The Music.

Any bands / artists, flyer distributors , designers or DJs looking to get involved contact Vuz on mail

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