One Minute Silence Go Silent

The following is taken from a press release issued by One Minute Silence on 21st October

After eight years and three albums, One Minute Silence are calling it a day for the time being. Although we are still the best of friends, and cannot rule out the possibility of working together in the future, for now we are dispersing to pursue other projects and interests. We're still in love, we're just not married any more! There are no musical differences, and no personal conflicts affecting our friendship with each other, just a desire to branch out and explore other areas of life and music.

The band would like to extend their infinite love and respect to those who have championed OMS over the years, whether from within the industry and the media or from without. Your support has been life-giving. An extra-special acknowledgement is due to the people who have come to our shows, and especially to the people in the pit, because without you there would have been no OMS, and without people to listen, music would be meaningless. You rule, we love you, and we miss you already!!

Looking to the future; Yap is going full-throttle into spoken word performances, and he is also working on a number of political and philosophical media projects.

Glen Diani and Massy Fiocco are currently considering and inviting other options.

Eddie Stratton is currently filling in on drums with his friends in New Disease; so watch this space!

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