The 1st VmanRecords showcase

In the beginning there was The Great White Chocolate Debate, then came Twelve Festival, now brace yourselves for ………wait for it ………

the first Vman:Records showcase

At the minute, Vman Records is simply the name for a night that will showcase only INNOVATIVE live music – music straying a touch from the norm; music that you lose sleep over; music that provokes emotion; music that picks you up and drops you on your arse.

We dont care where you're from; who you are; what genre; or how many people you bring – all we need is INNOVATIVE music.

Our favourite stuff is Aphex Twin : Mogwai : Tool : At the Drive In : Dizzy Rascal : Prodigy : SikTh : Lamb : Orbital and of course : SLIPKNOT. The darker, more fcuked up your music is – the better.

We hate : The Electric Soft Parade : Belle and Sebastian : Fatboy Slim

Vman:Records will soon be showcased at the established “Chips with Everything” night in Manchester, and will soon be at Public-I's Thursday Club, at Mood in Buxton, and also The Lux in Wigan next year. But the 1st full VmanRecords showcase you lucky people can experience is:

Thursday, Nov 27th @ Jabez Clegg (opposite The Academy). Just £3 entry


INDRA – (link) – have spent 2 years recording their stunning debut EP but are now ready to take it live. Drawing in influences from Radiohead, Massive Attack and Elbow this is dark, atmospheric, ugly and yet somehow beautiful. (When I heard the EP I couldn't move, let alone sleep, for the rest of the night) (9.15pm)

EMMET – (link) – played the VmanEvents In The City Festival 2003. Live electronica –
an onstage armoury of samples, synths, filters, guitars, vocoders and live rhythm
creation. Think Chemical Brothers meets Underworld meets Daft Punk; a genre-
busting electric performance with stunning visuals. (10.45pm)

Filthy – FreeflowUK band. Hip-hop – rock – drum n' bass fusion . Think Shadows meets Reprazent via Incubus and Kronos Quartet. (10pm)

Silent Quarter – FreeflowUk band. Multi-Vocal Mediaeval Folk Pop. Imagine Mediaeval Baebes over Nick Drake mixed with Alice in Chains. (8.30)

usual innovative nu-skool breaks / electronic DJs
usual dirt cheap drinks : £1.50 pints and £2.50 doubles and mixer

Contact mail to get involved

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