Clwb is Good

If you are lucky enough to live in the Glamorgan area of Wales (lucky my arse – ed) then you are also lucky enough to be able to get your ass down to Clwb Ifor Bach in the next few weeks for what looks like being a crackin Christmas run in.

Unfortunately this is too late to tell you to check out the visit of arguably North West Wales' finest rising starlets Kentucky AFC on November 27th, unless you read this immediately, and if so, go now, Zabrinski are playing as well so double your money's worth.

Anyway, other notable dates:

Friday 28th November
Sumo: Stanton Warrirors
There aren't many names in the breaks scene that can be described as prolific, but the Stanton Warriors are certainly candidates for the title. Known for their groundbreaking Stanton Sessions mix, a Fabric Live residency and remixes including chart breaking party tunes Mr Reds & DJ Skribble: Feel It, Basement Jaxx: Where=92s Your Head At, and Azzido da Bass: Dooms Night (to name a few); Mark Yardley and Dominic B have smashed boundaries while bringing a fair amount of attention to the increasingly popular breakbeat sound. The two met while working for Tuff Jam's 51st label – Dominic was in A&R while Mark was their studio engineer. Bored of patching together tracks for garage rudeboys, the pair took their own skills to the mixing desk and so the story began. Their own productions have seen releases on Mob Records and XL, and with an artist album in the pipeline, the boys will undoubtedly bring a bag of fresh tunes and party classics, ready to be mixed up with loops, vocals and effects in their own inimitable style. People still talk about their last visit to the Welsh capital, so make sure you get down to SUMO and experience the Stanton Warriors for yourself this November!

Tuesday 2nd Dec
Pyrotech Presented by Cardiff Uni's Indiesoc, Pyrotech is an attempt to transcend the purism and lack of creativity within Cardiff's alternative scene. The bottom floor of Clwb Ifor Bach, alternatively, will play danceable indie music – from classics bands such as Blondie, The Stone Roses and The Jam, to more contemporary acts such as Kings of Leon, Electric Six and homegrown pop- experimentalists the Super Furries – played alongside more dancy and electronic acts such as The Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow and The Prodigy. Perhaps more innovative is that Clwb's middle floor will play host to Cardiff's first live jam within a club where a variety of instruments will be supplied by Cardiff Uni's Live Music Society to encourage musicians to both provide entertainment and to improvisation within a social setting.

And my top tip of the next couple of weeks, this stunner of a line up:

Saturday 6th Dec
Boobytrap: McLusky / Sammo Hung / Brave Captain Boobytrap Singles Club is dead. The first ever single we relased was by Tommy and the Chauffeur, and the last was by Small Victories. Bewteen the two, over two years, Boobytrap released singles by MC Mabon, El Goodo, Zabrinski, Derrero, Big Leaves, Culprit One, Kid Crochet, Headtest, Pep le Pew, Johnny Boy, The Vanities, Transposer, Texas Radio Band, Watershed, the martini henry rifle(they demanded lower case dontcha know), the loves (they did as well), Mclusky, bravecaptain and Sammo Hung. Recently, Boobytrap Records has released has released the debut Small Victories elpee, MC Mabon's fourth, and the new single by The Crimea. It's the records side of things Boobytrap's going to concentrate on from now on. But to celebrate 24 colourful, glorious, hi-tech releases, they're putting on gigs in December, in the Barfly, Chapter, and of course in their second home, Clwb. Often Boobytrap bosses are seen hammered by the bar in Clwb, eyeing up the vodka bottle hanging so beautifully upside down behind the bar. And of course, watching and enjoying the hip-hop, the bands and the dj's. The Step in the Left Direction night was amazing, with Kidz with Toyz, bravecaptain, Acid Casuals, Culprit One all playing. Clwb is where so many past Booby nights have gone on; memorable, joyous, alcohol fuelled nights. So this gig is a celebration of the Boobytrrap Singles Club – come see the awesome Mclusky, Sammo hung and BraveCaptain. Bring it on!

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