Gigwise Awards

2003 has been a twisting turning triumphant year for some and a hole in the head for others. As the music industry is inclined to do around this time of year, the erstwhile webzine, are conducting a people’s choice award. To make your vote count go to the Gigwise website link and look for the obviously in your face voting page.

Here are the categories:

Best Band
Carlsbro Best Unsigned Band
Live Magazine Best Live Act
Best Single
Best Album
Creative Labs Best Radio Show (supporting new music)
Best Venue
Best Promoter (supporting new music)
Best Gigwise Writer
Best Gigwise Photographer

Obviously you will be voting for Glasswerk as best promoter but you will have to make your own mind up about the others as all entries have to include votes in all categories.

The results will be announced at Liverpool’s own version of the Brits @ Heebie Jeebies on the 13th December featuring Ludes (there is a review of their debut single around here somewhere), 28 Costumes (there is an interview around here somewhere) and the winner of the Best Unsigned Band category.

Winners will receive a “too much rock for one hand” award as well as other assorted prizes such as £500 worth of Carlsbro gear and an interview with the Liverpool Echo’s Debbie Johnson for the Best Unsigned Band.

Finally I suggest, no I order you to pick Cadium and Day With Mary for the band awards. Yyyyyyoooouuuu ssshhhhaaalllll ooobbeeeyyyy.

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