Thats Not Skanking

Thats Not Skanking is a fanzine about punk, hardcore and emo music created
by a group of people with a genuine love of the music. We decided that we
bought so much music and went to so many gigs that we would start writing
about them as a sort of reminder of our own experiences and also to promote
some of our favourite bands.
We also intersperse articles about other issues, some funny, some serious,
that we find interesting and some interviews.
In the best tradition of punk fanzines it is free. It is available from
Piccadilly records or by sending a SAE to Andy Davies at 2004 City Central,
Victoria Bridge Street, Machester M3 5AS.
This is also the address to send any demos or CDs that you would like
reviewed to.
We think it is important to promote the scene and to get exposure for any up
and coming bands or club nights. We are keen to hear from any bands or
promoters that would like to contribute or to feature. We are also
interested in setting up gig guides and perhaps some band nights.

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