Audigist Digital Distribution

Audigist Digital Distribution is an online shop for unsigned musicians to sell their music through.

We accept all genre's of
music, and charge no set-up fee. Artists get a complete personal page on the site to publicise themselves with photos,
information, gig dates, opportunities to preview their tracks etc. Every time a customer purchases one of their tracks via secure
server, the artist makes money. The only costs to the artist are a small commission taken by Audigist on each sale. Artists
typically get around £0.75 per download, and of course, there's no monthly charges or set up fees.

Audigist has been created by a development team in Manchester, but is looking to feature music from any unsigned artists around
the world. We are always looking for content, so if you know any bands who may be interested, please foward this on.

Our address is link if you fancy taking a look.

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