John Squire – new album & single in February

New single – 'Room In Brooklyn' – released February 2nd

New album – 'Marshall's House' released February 9th

John Squire will release his second solo album, entitled 'Marshall's House', in the New Year. The follow up his top twenty album in 2002, 'Time Changes Everything', will be released on February 9th 2004.

'Marshall's House' features eleven brand new songs that were written and produced by John Squire, with Simon Dawson co-producing, a long-time collaborator since the Stone Roses 'Second Coming'. Working with the members of the band who toured with John last year, the album was recorded in a spurt of 12 days at Bryn Derwen in Wales. On the band John comments; “I knew this album would be different organically. It does seem far more like a band, more than the last two proper bands.”

All the tracks on 'Marshall's House' are inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper, the American realist. Best known for his works from depression-era America in the thirties and forties, Hopper's 'Nighthawks' (1942) and 'Gas' (1940) stand as exemplary glimpses into the starkness and loneliness of America as she strove towards modernisation. “Hopper painted American scenes and American people – usually quite solitary and depressed-looking individuals. The reason I wanted to write about them was that I find them all quite haunting – superficially light, and awkward and ordinary, but there was something disturbing about some of the characters. So each of the songs is an extrapolated story around those images,”says Squire.

Track listing as follows:

Hotel Room
Marshall's House
Lighthouse & Buildings
Cape Cod Morning
People In The Sun
Tables For Ladies
Yawl Riding A Swell
Room In Brooklyn

A single from the album will be released on February 2nd 2003. 'Room In Brooklyn' will be available on CD and numbered 7″ vinyl and is backed with another new track 'Nighthawk'.

John Squire is currently working on the first ever exhibition of his artwork. The exhibition will showcase all of his sleeve artwork from the legendary Stone Roses' covers through to The Seahorses, as well as his contributions to the Help / Warchild album projects.

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