Glasswerk 2003 CD

Well it’s almost the end of 2003 and so its time to announce the line up for our best of 2003 CD. After a month of frantic voting and counting we now have the finalised line up of bands to appear on the CD. So just let me take this opportunity to thank everyone blah blah blah….get on with it.

Ok then here are the bands in no particular order:

Lisa Brown
Heaven Stereo
Failure By Design
The Meddler

Plus a mysterious bonus track of my own choosing – see if you can guess who it will be.

It is, as can be expected, an eclectic mix of music with bands from Liverpool, Manchester, Wales, Nottingham, Chester and even Alaska, USA. How about that then for an international profile.

The CD will be pressed, ready for sale and in the shops from February 9th BUT you can get your hands on a limited edition pre release copy on Sunday 28th December at The Glasswerk Post Christmas Pre New Year Bash. There will be a stall selling copies. Talking of which the price for this esteemed piece of history will be bargainous £2.99. Yes that is 11 tracks of moozic for the price of a return bus ride into town. Bonus!

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