Day With Mary Have A Month Of Mary

Please note the date change on the 7th February. Day With Mary are now supporting [spunge] at the Carling Academy in Liverpool.

Emo, post-hardcore, rock, Rock, Rock. Whatever the label you choose it all comes down to the fact that Day With Mary rip up the stage, break ears and null senses with explosive full on ‘action man with moving eyes’ alacrity. Crowd pleasers, smooth maltesers and ice hard guitar freezers claim audience victims and groupie queues. Day With Mary are on tour. The UK had better watch out – it’s going to be mayhem.

Day With Mary have come long and far without having to do much. Born originally in the guise of Dog Flambé they managed to get a record deal while still at school complete with a loony tunes manager who busied himself doing all the drugs and booze for them (as they were still underage) and crashed their tour bus into the sea. Now a year or two older they are better equipped to cope with the music biz – all the drugs and booze belongs to them and they crash their own van into the sea. Having changed their name to Dopamine following the addition of new members to the Dog Flambé line-up they were forced to change it again following journalistic mix-ups with the Welsh version (including mixed up reports in Kerrang). Now they are Day With Mary; slang for ‘taking a day off’. The name suggests lethargy but Day With Mary are revving up for some UK tour philandering.

Andy Scott (singer) states,

We have been locked away writing and rehearsing songs so that before we announced ourselves to the world we knew that we had something special. A big part of what we do is reflected on stage but we wanted to make sure the songs were as good as our stage show.

In December 2003 Day With Mary were voted best unsigned band by the readers of (readership of 50,000) and played to a full house for the awards ceremony at the legendary club Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool. They are also included on the much sought after Best of 2003 CD (released on Glasswerk Records February 2003) all of which signals the arrival of Day With Mary on the UK scene proper with a record deal lined up (to be announce early 2004) and their first UK tour as Day With Mary in February.

You can see them at the following dates:

4th February – Upstairs @ The Garage, London
5th February – Malsters Arms, Pontypridd
6th February – The Planet, Wolverhampton (supporting Ground Hog)
7th February – Carling Academy (supporting Spunge), Liverpool
9th February – The Shed, Leicester
10th February – Chester
11th February – Manhattans, Hereford
12th February – The 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
13th February – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
14th February – The Cellar Bar, Blackburn
18th February – Drybar, Manchester
19th February – The Masque, Liverpool
20th February – Anglesey Arms, Caernarfon
26th February – Fibbers Barfly, York

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