Who Is The Best? Glasswerk 2003 Is

The January sales are over, New Year hangovers are almost forgotten and Christmas turkey is long gone but Good Will To All Men continues with the latest compilation release from uber cool select, underground label Glasswerk Records. Sister of the big time charlie tour and gig promoters Glasswerk.co.uk, this release is the next instalment of the Best Of …series – this time it’s the best of 2003 and it is released on 8th March.

This majestic slice of uprising musical conspiracy features 10 bands voted for by the readers of link (over 4000 votes were cast) and one bonus track courtesy of the editor. The artists (in running order) are:

Cadium – melodic post hardcore, post emo not quite screamcore tuneage. They own their own van and use it regularly by visiting many cities and towns around the UK with a merry band of followers. From somewhere outside of Liverpool.

Lisa Brown – soft soft songs lit up with delicate angst ridden symphonic melodies. Manchester based scruffs.

Spacetrain – Foo Fighter – esque riffs and bouncy choruses. Liverpool local lads.

Heaven Stereo – its Brit pop again with screeching guitars and humming Hammonds. Woolly back Widnes townies.

Intermajic – god fathers of the Liverpool scene. Still rocking and churning out classic tunes.

The Meddler – Soft rock with hard hitting harmonies and superb guitar wanking. Uproar from quaint little Chester.

Snatch – Bon Jovi rock for the ladies. You could fu….to this. North Wales love monsters.

Failure By Design – punk with tight pants. Youngsters from some non specific area of Merseyside with deceivingly angry vocal melodies.

Autorain – five and a half minutes of echoing, taunting vocals singing about ghosts in the metaphorical sense. Nottingham east coast representatives.

WUPT – A special band from a far far away place. Alaska to be specific. You have got to be nice to these comical punksters if only in pity for them because they are freezing their proverbials of right now in the desolate snow filled wastelands of Alaska. Supported Presidents of the United States a couple of months ago.

Bonus Track – sorry can’t say who it is but they won the ‘Best Unsigned Band of the Year’ award on gigwise.com and are off on a glasswerk.co.uk promoted tour.

A full mixed bag of eclectic rock, pop and indie pulled together in one free flowing stream of music compiled on to a shiny , allegedly called a CD, and all for the bargainous price of £3. WOW indeed. 11 tracks and an hours worth of the best new music for the price of a magazine.

You can pick up one of these esteemed pieces of musical history from the following independent record stores:

Probe Records, Liverpool
Piccadilly Records, Manchester
Selectadisc, Nottingham
Spillers Records, Cardiff
Cobs Records, Bangor

Plus through the website link from the 8th March either as download or as CD and at the following CD launch nights at Glasswerk.co.uk promoted events.

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