Guild Of Defiants – debut CD release

On February 25th Liverpool's Guild of Defiants will release their first CD, The Gauntlet.

The CD has 8 tracks which were recorded in late June early July 2003. Since the recording of the tracks the Guild have been busy putting together artwork, animating a music video, and building an interactive CD-rom. All these elements make up their debut CD collection the Gauntlet.

The video to the title track has the theme of running the Gauntlet. The visuals are based on the Japanese game show Takeshi's castle and as the music intensifies so does the imagery. The video is available exclusively on the CD.

The CD will cost only £3. Guild of Defiants said: “The reason it's so cheap, is because it cost us literally nothing to produce all the material on the CD and hardly anything to have the CD's produced. All the songs are home recorded and the same with the video and CD-rom. We made the lot ourselves and just couldn't justify bumping up the price to 5/6 quid because everyone
else sells their CD's for that much.”

The launch night is Wednesday the 25th of February in Hannah's Bar on Hardman Street in Liverpool. From this date you will also be able to buy the CD from Keith Records link for £3.50 including p&p.

There are 2 downloadable Mp3 tracks, and a sample clip from the Gauntlet video on the Guild Of Defiants website link

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